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Cindy, as a repeat client I must say that I was very impressed with your ability to help us obtain ANOTHER tax reduction for our home in Jericho. You rock! Your fixed fee is reasonable and the results awesome.

‎Carol Ann Sanders Beal

Thank you Cindy for helping me grieve both my commercial property in West Hempstead and my residential property in Garden City. I learned a lot from you AND had amazing results. A 10% reduction on my commercial property and a 22% reduction on my home!

‎Dina Carnesi Muldoon

Thank you Cindy ! I am receiving another reduction to my property taxes after filing ON MY OWN. As a prior period client, I am able to file on my own and keep the savings !

I highly recommend to anyone looking for a property tax reduction (that would mean everyone!) to contact Cindy Denbaum and let her show you the way.

‎‎Amy Royce Siegel‎

I can't say enough about Cindy and her Property Tax reduction service. I am so fortunate to have met her last year, and had her help me file a grievance. I tried to do this on my own, with no success. I just got a letter from the town with my new assessment, and thanks to Nassau County Online Property Tax Reduction Service, and Cindy, it looks like my property taxes may go down at least $3000!!!!!
That's HUGE!!! Thank you Cindy for you help and expertise!

Janet Glassman-Missano

Cindy is wonderful! I just completed tax appeal applications on my home in Lynbrook, as well as home in Baldwin. She is a pleasure to work with and she made the process so easy. A true bargain in this difficult economy. Her fee is a flat very reasonable fee - not 50% of the savings like the agencies get! With the deadline approaching quickly - make an appointment now and don't miss out of your savings. After all, who wants to give the gov't extra money?

Hope Coleman

I had a wonderful experience meeting with Cindy. She was so thorough in helping me prepare my tax appeal. We walked through every step of the process carefully so that I understood exactly what to do. I am so appreciative for Cindy's help, knowledge and expertise.

Meredith Starr

We hired Cindy last year to help us file a property tax assessment reduction. Cindy spent a lot of time with us, helping us get the information we needed to fill out the form. She followed up with us, and when we were denied a reduction, she advised us as to how to proceed. Thanks to Cindy, our application was reviewed again and we got a sizable reduction. We happily hired Cindy again this year. Unlike a lot of the services and attorneys that solicit you in the mail, Cindy does not take 50% of the reduction you receive. She charges an up-front fee. We were very happy with her service and highly recommend her.

Caryn Buchner Coville

Well worth the time and fee for Cindy's services. She made all the calculations and made filing easy. I received an 8% reduction after initially being denied for my house in Woodbury. Cindy enjoys what she does, and cares very much about the outcome for each client.

Rick Weinstein

I just to thank Cindy for the 25% tax reduction after filing online!!! Best part is I am keeping 100% percent of the savings rather owing a grievance company up to 50%!! I may be able to afford to remain on Long Island a few extra years!

Beth Hellman Rosen

I had the pleasure of meeting with Cindy Denbaum for help with my property tax appeal. I appealed for the prior period, and recently received my reduction offer. I just received notice in the mail that we are able to save an estimated annual property tax savings of $3,687 for our home in Syosset! That's a huge savings, especially considering an attorney's fee would have taken half of that! Cindy is available to answer questions and walks you step by step through the process. I highly recommend her service! Thanks Cindy!

Noelle Rogers

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