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About Filing on Your Own:
It’s important for all homeowners, including new owners or owners in contract, to apply for property tax reductions reductions if your tentative market value is higher than the price your home would sell for in today’s market. Since I'm a registered Assessment Review Commission Representative, you can authorize me to file on your behalf without meeting in person. Or, I can sit with you personally at a private location to customize your case and we can file online together. After our meeting, you will have the knowledge needed to file on your own going forward resulting in additional savings.  Most owners continue to file yearly.
Not applying on your own leaves you with a higher than necessary tax burden. My service includes personalized follow-up including estimated property tax savings calculations. You won’t have to pay anyone up to 50% of your savings every year. While the goal is to file on your own every year going forward, I am available to you if you have any questions.
How Do I Get Started:
I developed a unique style working with homeowners. If there is a good probability of a reasonable reduction, I go through the following steps:
  1. Homeowners contact me through this website, Facebook or word of mouth references.
  2. Upon receipt of your address, I review your property AT NO COST to determine the probability of an assessed value reduction.
  3. I meet with you to file online with my assistance and teach the complete procedure. The meeting includes learning how to read your tax bill. For owners pressed for time, you can authorize me to file on your behalf instead of meeting in person. I follow-up on requesting a conference if a satisfactory offer is not received.
  4. For this personalized service, I charge a low, FIXED FEE. My returning clients are charged a lower, fixed fee. FOR THE 2022/23 FILING PERIOD, this fee covers the submission of a counter offer request, if necessary.
I encourage you to read the Testimonials page which record client satisfaction.

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