Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What Is The CURRENT Filing Application Period?

The deadline passed for the last filing period, 2022/2023. The next filing period, 2023/2024 commences in January, 2022. It’s important not to wait until the last week before the deadline to avoid any online malfunction of the County’s website due to high volume.

What's the Difference Between My Service and Other Grievance Firms?

Grievance companies indicate they only charge up to 50% of your first year savings but, in fact, they charge you up to 50% of your savings EVERY time you use them.  As a result, many owners don’t file every year because they don’t want to keep paying exorbitant fees.

Can the Assessment Review Commission increase the assessment as a result of applying?

No. It will either reduce your assessment or leave it unchanged.

Will my tax exemptions (i.e. STAR, Enhanced Star, Veterans) be affected by a grievance?

No, any tax savings won by a grievance is in addition to these exemptions.

How do I File for a STAR Discount and Other Exemptions? (click the links below)

NY State STAR Eligibility

Nassau County Exemption Forms

Can I file for a reduction once I'm in contract to purchase a new home?


Can I file for the commercial property I own located in Nassau County?

Yes. Provide your contact information along with the address of your owned commercial property to receive my feedback at no cost.

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