About Cindy

I’m a native Long Islander from Plainview. As a matter of fact, my parents still live in the house I grew up in. I graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a BA in Business Management and had a successful career in commercial lending for over 20 years. After getting married, I moved to Syosset where I raised my family. As my children grew, I became a full time homemaker but continued to work part time as a travel agent. Property taxes in Syosset became a major burden and I was advised to approach a grievance company. The problem was they retained 50% of my tax savings as their fee every year.
I learned that homeowners were not required to use a contingency based grievance company to apply for assessed value reductions. After a thorough online study, I developed a simple way to navigate through Nassau County’s websites. I filed my own application online and received a fair assessed value reduction offer that I felt was in line with my prior period reductions. The following year, I helped my parents apply successfully. For a low fee, I started helping friends file as well. Over time, I began helping owners throughout Nassau County file online so they could retain 100% of their savings.  Through recommendations, I am now helping more and more homeowners keep 100% of their tax savings.
– Cindy Denbaum

Ready to Get Started?

The next property tax filing period starts in January.